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Gee Dunne

Animation & Illustration

Gemma (Gee) Dunne

My name is Gee, and I am finishing up my final year of Animation and Illustration at AIT. Currently I am finishing up on a visual novel, titled Systems Defunct about an old space station on the brink of shutdown, which is available to play on Newgrounds here:

Goban Sprite 1.png
Goban Sprite 2.png
Goban Sprite 3.png
Goban Sprite 4.png
Goban Sprite 5.png
Goban Sprite 6.png
Goban Sprite 7.png
Goban Sprite 8.png
Space bg Pixel.png
Train Hallway V2 colour test 1.png
Train Booth V2 colour test 2.png
Maeve 1.png
Maeve 2.png
Maeve 3.png
Maeve 4.png
Maeve 5.png
Maeve 6.png
Maeve 7.png
Maeve 8.png
Bar Bg.png
Hat Room.png
Diarmuid 1.png
Diarmuid 2.png
Diarmuid 3.png
Diarmuid 4.png
Diarmuid 5.png
Diarmuid 6.png
Diarmuid 7.png
Diarmuid 8.png
Outside Gift Shop.png
Gift Shop Bg.png