Jack Harrison /

I currently specialise in 2D character design, background design and animation. For my final year project, I focused on creating characters and environments which are primarily arts and crafts themed, but with an intergalactic twist! This was done to highlight the inventive, outlandish qualities of character design and world building.

Online Portfolio 



Interview Theatre with Bloop, Printaur and Stemley

Bloop in his Interview Chair

Printaur in his Interview Chair

Stemley in his Interview Chair

The Ink Moon Cow on the Ink Moon

Bloop and his Mum standing near an Ink Crater

The Ink Bandit standing near an Ink Crater

The Ink Bandit and Tipp Xavier standing their ground

Bloop and his Mum staring angrily at the Ink Bandit

Printaur and Turbo Tape zooming through the Paper Roll Town

Printaur and Turbo Tape looking at each other

Printaur and Turbo Tape reaching the finish line

Stemley, his Mum and Dad and Pencilia in the Honeycomb Classroom

Stemley's Mum and Dad - Honeycomb Wall and Ceiling

Art Space - The Character Interview Extravaganza! (Full Film)